Judith Lukomski

Judith Lukomski is a leading crystal expert, intuitive and author; a pioneer in raising energy consciousness in the workplace. Co-author of Crystal Therapy and the Certified Crystal Reader Course with Dr. Doreen Virtue; Judith is the founder of the Crystal Friends Community, creator of the Crystal Energist Practitioner® and GEMS Success Strategies™ Programs. A lifelong connection with the angels inspired Judith to become a corporate rebel and successful entrepreneur. She helps individuals and organizations integrate nature as a source for innovation, collaboration and healing; increasing mindfulness and improving outcomes. She is a sustainability advocate and leadership activist, with a vision for a new business model; doing good is good for everyone. Judith teaches internationally, inspiring people to find their true purpose, live a joyful life and build community. She consults and conducts evolutionary workshops while continuing her writing and private practice. You’re warmly invited to connect with her at: http://www.crystalfriends.com

Lessons with Judith Lukomski

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