Michael David Virtue

Born a twin on All Hollows’ Eve (with seven planets in Scorpio), it was inevitable that Michael David Virtue’s spiritual remembrance would begin as a young child. Utilizing his intuition and gifts, he began communicating with spiritual energy in all its forms. After a life-threatening experience in 2007, Michael found his communication with the Divine had expanded to include very close relationships with many of the Archangels. During the last few of years—with the support, guidance, and encouragement of Archangel Michael and the Christ Jesus—he has been able to document these encounters and their learnings. Michael David Virtue now shares these messages and their meanings via the World Angel Summit, social media (facebook.com/Guardian1of7), and his forthcoming books.

Learn more about Michael David Virtue here: https://www.facebook.com/Guardian1of7/

Lessons with Michael David Virtue

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